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During naptime the other day, I was catching up on my blog reader. Ann Voskamp shared a link to a blog about a family trying to raise money to adopt {additional} children with Down Syndrome from an orphanage in Bulgaria. A link on their blog led me to another, by a mom {named Susanna!} who is trying to adopt a little girl from the same orphanage. The system is so complicated and the process so long that this mother has been able to visit her daughter at this Bulgarian orphanage, and the post is about that visit.

Oh, the heartbreak!

These unwanted children suffer so much. Their “cribs” are more like cages; wood and metal contraptions left over from the Soviet era. They don’t get enough food. They don’t get clean clothing often enough. And worst of all, they don’t get loved.

Well, I was in tears at my computer, trying to figure out what to do. Chris and I pray constantly about how we can alter our lives so it’s more in line with Christ’s life. We try to live simply, frugally and sacrificially. It never seems like enough! In my desperation to do something, not just something but the right thing (James 4:17), I journaled:

My heart is broken. The Bible says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first in Heaven, and I have a sinking feeling I am going to be pretty darn close to last. Oh my strength, change me! Change me!!! Show me EXACTLY what to do! How to help? Adopt? Ok, Lord. Ok! Help me get my husband on board.

It seemed a pretty clear calling to me. So, please meet the newest member of our family:

Suya shares a birthday with Susanna. Her name is like the Spanish for theirs, his, and formal yours. I like to think she is called Suya because she belongs to the Father. She is His. I look forward to many years of writing and supporting Suya and her family.

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