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“It is man’s link with Adam, not the law, that was fatal. Therefore, it is man’s link to Christ, not to the law, that brings redemption. The Christian’s walk is not defined by any particular set of laws but by conformity to the resurrected life of Christ.”

Those are some words from the exceedingly long chapter I just finished in my New Testament class textbook. Oh, how I long to study the New Testament survey in a classroom setting. I have battled my way through this class mostly out of duty, and my grades show it. I trust God that what needs to stick does, and I look forward to a lifetime of continuing to study God’s word! Honestly, it is chronology, dates and places that I struggle with the most. Knowing and understanding the theme of each book or Epistle is the easy part, for me.

We each have just two (long, again) chapters left in our NT textbook. Then we must determine how we will complete the remaining classes: an Old Testament survey and Missions Theology. We appreciate your prayers as we make decisions about completing these requirements. Classes are available, but only at our mission agency’s home base across the country.

We have a number of decisions up in the air. We have yet to make our 50% goal, much less plan a trip back to PA for trainings!

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