February VIDEO update

By Sunday, February 26, 2012 4 0

Our February prayer letter is actually a video. Please enjoy this low-budget film in which we make a lot of mistakes, say a lot of redundant phrases, and fail to make eye contact with the camera; not to mention the cheesy captions.

February 2012 Update from Rosalie Duryee on Vimeo.

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  • Katie

    Nice to see your pretty faces in this update! Was it supposed to only be a minute and a half? Just it kind of ended abruptly so I didn’t know if it had been curtailed or not… (sorry).

    • I just updated with an embed from Vimeo instead of Flickr. It’s about 3 minutes long.

      • Katie

        Yeah, seen it all now, thanks for re-loading it 🙂

  • Laura Stankis

    As we were watching your video, Shira (corgi) kept trying to get at the computer whenever Susanna was talking!

    Here’s praying you get the support you need, both the 50% you need now and the rest as soon as can happen.