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I have a new…

  • blog header! Subscribers, click through to see!
  • perspective on motherhood: some days are bad, most days are good, every day is gift from God
  • blog in my reader, called Jumping Tandem, by a woman who has been married for 25 years, has two adult children and lives on the East Coast. I intend to learn much from her.
  • Heaven and a New Earth in my future, to remind me that my time in this world is short
  • desire for real relationships. As such, I’ve removed Facebook from my phone. I am hoping that it will lead me to call or text some friends for real conversations more often. {I’m not completely off the grid… just quieter there}
  • appreciation for work-at-home mamas. I had the opportunity to do some freelance work for the Community for Youth auction this month, and I am exhausted! It is hard to head for the computer every time Susanna is sleeping or occupied.
  • collection of books on my Nook, including Chris Bohjalian’s The Law of Similars. I love Chris Bohjalian so much.

I need a new…

  • plan for working out. I try to go to the gym three times a week, so I can work out and get a good hour or so away from Susanna {our gym has daycare}. But I am bad at it.
  • attitude about support-raising. It’s hard, but it’s God who does the actual work.
  • wardrobe. I have a different body than the one I had before Susanna came along.
  • something to honor my baby girl and/or make me look pretty {hint}
  • idea for a blog series. Any ideas?
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  • Gramma JanNo Gravatar
    January 28, 2012

    I have FINALLY been on line long enough to read your blogs, they are blogs aren’t they?? Anyway I read the one about your birthday and thought that I would suggest that you keep aside tithe money from gifts to go into your missionary fund. Getting the money is great, just ask me, but it is only practical because it would be a direct way for you to feel good about your own personal contribution. Just take this with a “Grain of Salt” or put it in your lesson book under lesson 1941, from Teacher Jan LOL