A Quote About Missions In Europe

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‎ “Some say investing in mission in ‘darkest Europe’ is a waste of time: we should invest where we can see bang for our bucks. And that’s obviously not Europe! Europe is still a wealthy continent; our money should go to the places where gospel hasn’t been preached. Besides, people say, Europe has had its chance for the last 2000 years. ‘Let’s put our money where we can see God at work.’

Which sounds all very reasonable. But is actually shortsighted. Our investment should reflect the values of the gospel, not the efficiency of the marketplace. It should reflect spiritual needs, not simply material wealth. And judging by the gospel of unbelief Europe exports around the world, the spiritual needs here are great.”
-Jeff Fountain, the Schuman Centre

After I posted this quote in our Facebook group, a coworker said, “and isn’t the Gospel for individuals and not continents?” AMEN.

We have been reflecting on the first church this week, thanks to our pastor’s message. When the first Christians saw a need, they met it. Their brand of socialism wasn’t government imposed or even apostle-recommended – it just was, because of abundant, community-wide love for Jesus Christ. As we build our partnership team, we long for this kind of response from the Church to meet our need: fully supported to head to the field. Boy did that challenge me! Is there a need – physical, spiritual, monetary – in my world that I should be meeting simply because I love Jesus?

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