A New Year

By Saturday, December 31, 2011 1 0

Let’s recap.

In January, my football team lost the National Title Game, and I wrote about something sort of embarrassing but very important. February brought a post about prayer that seemed to make an impression. In March, my amazing husband preached his first sermon as part of our prefield kickoff and I blogged about how Chris and I are super Christians. In April, I introduced the world to our {yet unborn} daughter by name. In May, I opened up more about some healing I needed to do before becoming a mama, joined Pinterest {the most beautiful place on the Internet}, and visited not one, but two churches. One of those visits involved a missing ‘a’ that I recently found in our Christmas decoration. Posts in June centered on the imminent {more imminent than we knew!} arrival of Susanna, and one of my favorite post titles {ok, post} ever. In July, over 20 days after Susanna was born, I featured her arrival and then shared about how stinkin’ hard mamahood is. I barely posted at all in August; something about being consumed with being a new mama. As I read this post “from the mama ‘Hood” from September, I am really grateful for the full night’s sleep we now get most nights! At October’s Missions Fest Seattle, God showed Chris and I how He can use us in a young person’s life and in the lives of our neighbors. I also hosted my first giveaway and wrote about out third church visit. November, which seems like it was just yesterday, did not feature a post every day, but I came close. I also came face-to-face with my sin, some Mormon missionaries, the intense need for the Gospel in Spain, a blatant error, and the sweetest faces in the Universe. Finally, as we neared Susanna’s 6 month birthday, I updated everyone on the ministry in Spain and shared the items missionaries most want to find in your church’s missionary closet.

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  • Katie

    Lovely post, thanks for all the links!