Where Can I Dwell? An Advent Poem

By Monday, December 19, 2011 1 0

Where Can I Dwell?

Where can I dwell, LORD, how can I be near
The One who shed His blood for me
How can I access the gates that open
And release His love, a flood over me

I forget that I cannot be kept away
That the castle walls fell down
When the broken heart of Christ
Took on the Cross and thorny crown

Oh, that He endured what angels cannot even think
That God’s fullness dwelled in Him for peace
And he departed from His Kingdom
To dwell on earth with man, as least

His Majesty became mere man
His Temple flesh and bones
And when He conquered death and rose
He gave me treasures in place of stones

Heaven cannot contain Him
His love flows through my soul and swells
All creation cries – the rocks cry out His name
And inside my heart is where He dwells

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  • This is beautiful. I hope you had a worshipful Christmas. You certainly set the tone with this Advent poem.