Milestones in Spain

By Tuesday, December 6, 2011 1 0

Our coworkers in Spain have many opportunities on the horizon to share Christ’s love with their friends and neighbors.

In children’s ministry, they are pleased to report that Friday Bible Clubs have an increase in attendance and that some of the new students are from English camp. We are praising God for this because He is affirming the hard work done for English camp by our team.

A three-day Family Life Conference resulted in two confessions of faith and one of those is interested in Baptism. Our teammates diligently follow up with people with whom they share the Gospel and they are bearing fruit!

Hosting friends for a showing of the movie Amazing Grace during Movie Night produced great discussion and conversation.

Finally, this month our coworkers will be hosting several of their friends in their home for coffee and cookies and a video series showing Spanish Christians sharing their testimonies. After the video, a local believer will also share how Christ transformed his or her life. Pray for this Evangelistic Campaign. Perhaps God will draw new believers to Himself just before Christmas.

The work is by no means complete. When I read of all the ways our teammates are sharing Christ, I am excited and thankful. But I notice something significant missing: youth. It’s not that our coworkers have neglected the youth. Not at all. The movie Amazing Grace is about a young person who follows God and changes the world. But these are the opportunities God has directed for our teammates, and they are being obedient to His direction.

We (Chris and I and our teammates in Spain) believe God is directing us to Spain to fill the spot for youth and college outreach. While we are raising support to get to Spain, we are also engaged in youth ministry in the states. God is teaching us how to do what He wants us to do in Spain. But we aren’t the only ones doing it here. We’re part of a team at our church that does youth ministry – not to mention the local community full of youth ministry resources.

We desire to meet the need in Alcalá. We envision growing a thriving youth ministry there that will in turn enable Spanish Christians to reach youth all over the country, without missionary help. Will you consider impacting young people in Spain for Christ by joining our monthly support team?

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  • Hi rose, I love how God works. I had been moping that there were no friends available to meet me at the coffee shop and both my mom and sister who I would normally call were occupied. I was unhappy that my day would start out as the slightly lonely stay at home mom but then I introduced myself to the nice looking woman with her baby that sat down next to me (you!), and I found a sister in Christ and brief “coffee friend”. Thanks for sharing about your ministry, I will be praying for your endeavors. Blessings!