Thankfulness in 2011

By Thursday, November 24, 2011 0 0

♥ learning to abound in thanksgiving
♥ 21 weeks with our sweet daughter
♥ a marriage rooted in faith in Christ
♥ financial partners
♥ this book and blog, which is changing my life:


♥ Pinterest, for creating a beautiful place on the internet
♥ friends who care
♥ blog readers
♥ provision and a time of stretching
♥ prefield struggles and blessings
♥ a (secret) Facebook group for prefield missionaries
♥ a baby who is a good sleeper
♥ our sweet kitty cat
♥ a warm home
♥ family near and far
♥ the coming Christmas season
♥ an amazing sending church
♥ high school students who ask tough questions
♥ our weekly babysitter who allows us to continue to do youth ministry
♥ my Moms n Tots group
♥ God’s Word

What are you thankful for this year?

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