Pray for Italy

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It’s 40 Days of Prayer for our mission agency, ABWE. Every day I get an email with prayer requests for a different country where ABWE missionaries are working to plant churches. This week, we prayed for Italy. I thought I’d share the information with you because the challenges faced by missionaries in Italy are very similar to those in Spain.

Though 88 percent of Italians profess to be Catholics, the number that regularly attends mass has dropped dramatically over the past 40 years. Most acknowledge the existence of heaven and hell, but do not relate that belief to a personal relationship with God or daily moral living.

ABWE’s team ministry is located on the western outskirts of Turin. Turin,  Italy’s main center for mysticism and the supernatural. Occultism is widespread, with the number of full-time consulting magicians estimated at triple the number of Catholic priests.

We went to Eugene this weekend to visit family and I failed to post every day. I’m back on the bandwagon today.

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