Brought To Tears

By Thursday, November 10, 2011 1 0

I got two prayer letters from missionaries in Spain and another couple on prefield the other day, and I was struck in a new way how desperate the need is. It actually brought me to tears, my longing to be there was so intense. On one level, it was lost souls. I have a heart, given by God, for the people in Spain, and I cannot help but yearn for their salvation. But more than that, my heart was broken for the circumstances of their lostness. Spain, one of Paul’s dearest mission fields and one of the first nations to send missionaries, has nothing but empty church buildings, empty hearts, and now, an empty economy in which to hope.

But God, in His great sovereignty, has a plan for Spain in the midst of their turmoil. People are seeking; they are looking for life’s meaning, because they haven’t found it in their education, their work, or even their national pride.

We want so much to be a vessel for the Gospel at this time when the harvest in Spain is so ripe.

We would love to see you be credited with harvesting souls in Spain because you partnered with us, the hands and feet He has called, financially and through prayer.

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  • fayelle

    This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a family photo… I’m starting a prayer book so I can pray for friends/loved ones/etc with Naomi every day. I definitely want to pray for you guys (and do)! Can I have a photo?