♥ quiet moments alone
♥ healthy lungs on baby
♥ blanket swaddle and heart swaddle
♥ stovetop espresso
♥ free journal from paper coterie
♥ God’s provision
♥ tears for the lost
♥ all parenting is attachment parenting
♥ this month feels really different
♥ heart ache for Spain

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About Rosalie

Chris, Rosalie and Susanna. Heart for young people, skeptics, hurting and heavy hearted. Grateful that God qualifies the called, not the other way around. Striving to live in obedience to our call to church planting in Spain and documenting the journey along the way.

2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. I want to read more about your thoughts on “heart swaddle,” “this month feels really different” and “all parenting is attachment parenting.” Love your daily posts, Rose!

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