They Come Knockin’

By Saturday, November 5, 2011 1 0

We invited some Mormon missionaries in tonight. We didn’t have as much spiritual conversation as we have in the past, but we tried to be an encouragement to them by offering some water and friendly conversation. Chris loves to ask about highs and lows from their time in King County. We tell them that we want to be a relief stop for them – friendly faces they can count on during a time they might encounter lots of hostile ones. We say that we always enjoy the conversations we have with Mormon missionaries when they stop by, and the debate is always friendly and respectful.

But we also say that we are concerned, because we have an understanding of the scripture that is vastly different from theirs, and we believe that what they share with others is not the truth.

Sometimes this leads to long conversations about doctrine and what words mean and agreeing to disagree. Tonight, before they left, we prayed for the boys a very specific prayer: that they would seek God for who He really is, and that God would speak to them and show them the truth and reveal to them their purpose in life according to that truth.

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  • fayelle

    You guys ROCK.