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Faith Baptist Church 10.23.11

Babywearing makes church presentations so much easier!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of speaking at Faith Baptist Church in Sequim, WA, a cozy little town on the Olympic Peninsula (and home to my favorite place in Washington, the Dungeness Spit). We had a wonderful time with the sweet people of Faith Baptist. After Susanna’s first ferry ride, we arrived just before dinner. Pastor Lonnie met us and helped us settle into our missionary apartment. That’s right; this church loves their missionaries so much they have a home for them. The apartment had every comfort of home, and we could not have been happier.

On Sunday morning, we shared our testimonies and opened up the floor for questions in Sunday School. We LOVE the questions people ask missionaries! God used our story to speak to people about being obedient to the Lord’s calling on their life in spite of weakness or circumstance. Then we shared our presentation in church. It was a privilege to update this church on the work that our team in Spain is doing; they are faithful supporters of the Browns. After a delightful lunch with a young couple who have a two month old, we went back to our apartment and all three of us took a good nap (Susanna fell asleep at the restaurant and didn’t wake up until 4!). Then, in the evening service, Chris gave his “What’s Stopping Us” message. He felt like it was less organized than the first time he preached, but I thought it was much improved. He was passionate, clear, funny, and motivating.

A funny story: in the evening service people request favorite songs. I had to think to come up with a song that would fit in this hymns-only church, so I asked for “As the Deer” because I often sing it to Susanna. It was in the contemporary song book! And the hymns we sang from the hymn book were much more rockin’, like “Victory in Jesus.”

THANK YOU, Faith Baptist Church, for your enthusiasm for missions and ministry in Spain. Thank you for praying for us, encouraging us, and welcoming us into your family.

We were especially blessed to have a few high school students thank us for coming and sharing about Spain, and we look forward to hearing about how God uses them for His purposes in the future.

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