Christmas Cards, and My First Giveaway!

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Last year's Christmas Card

It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual Christmas photo card, which I love to send with a letter updating our dearest relatives and friends on what the last year brought for the Duryee family. 2011 is obviously a big year for us, as our Christmas card will now feature not 2, but 3 members of the family: mama, daddy, and little miss Susanna Jane.

Typically, I tend to take advantage of the best deals and coupon codes for prints. But Shutterfly is my go-to shop for photo gifts and Christmas cards. They even have a collection of greeting cards if you’re not interested in including your pretty mug! The 2011 collection features 4×8, 8×4, 5×7 and 5×5 flat cards (my favorite style). Many of the cards, like the one pictured here, make the photo the focal point with only a tiny bit of text on the front.

This year, busy as it is with the new baby and prefield ministry, I am most excited to utilize the new feature on photo cards: an extra photo and large portion of text on the back! I am planning to write our Christmas letter right on the back of our card, saving time and money on the extra letter.

I am also excited to announce Seasoned With Salt’s very first giveaway! Shutterfly has offered me 25 free photo cards to give to three of my readers. Leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas tradition (include your email address so I can contact you!) and I will randomly select three winners. For additional entries, leave a comment each time you do one of the following (5 entries max):

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Edited to add: I’ll select the winner after midnight on Monday, October 24.

Bloggers, want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:

Shutterfly gave me a free pack of cards for my review, but I authentically love their cards and use them all the time. Shutterfly has the (totally meaningless) Seasoned With Salt stamp of approval!

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  • Hi! 😀

    • Whoops, I didn’t even answer your question. What a dork. Ummm… Favorite Christmas tradition. When I was a kid, it was our advent calendars. Mom had two where you moved a little velcro’d piece around (one religious and one of a teddy bear searching his house for “Christmas” – it was in the living room, LOL). She also made one with pockets in it that she’d put little gifts or candy in so we could get something out of it daily. It was awesome.

  • Also, I subscribe to you via RSS on Google Reader 😀

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  • …and I just tweeted this post 😀 Ta da!

  • Rebecca

    Easy 🙂 My FAVORITE Christmastime activity is watching The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights on the Streets of America at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Disneyworld with my family. Amazing. Basically Disney at Christmastime is my favorite “tradition” but specifically The Osborne Family Lights. Oh man they are amazing!

  • Siri

    Fave Christmas tradition – Having all of the Norwegians (like 25 people) over to our house for porridge!

  • Siri

    And I like you on Facebook!

  • Siri

    And I tweeted!

  • charm

    My favorite Christmas activity is getting the Christmas tree. We go out to a farm and pick the tree, then they cut it down. We run around in the snow trying to find the perfect one. Jared then puts it inside the bus or straps it to the roof and then we come home and decorate!

  • Siri

    Last one – I shared this post on Facebook 🙂

  • charm

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    I “liked” seasoned with salt on facebook.

    I thought i already had, but now i am for sure.

  • charm

    I also subscribed by email.

  • fayelle

    I LOVE shutterfly… And your blog more. 🙂 I’ve liked you on FB!

  • fayelle

    Fave tradition: Reading the Christmas story with family every Christmas morning. It’s written out and put in a present under the tree. Such a great family tradition!

  • I love wrapping gifts after my daughter is asleep!

  • Ashley

    My favorite tradition is my mom’s Southern Breakfast. She’s made it every year I can remember and I hope to do the same with my own family now 🙂

  • Katie

    I don’t care about the competition, you don’t need to enter me for it, I just like talking about Christmas and sharing traditions 🙂

    My favourite Christmas tradition is the Christmas Minstrels. (Do you have Minstrels in the USA? They’re chocolate in a sugar shell, but they’re bigger than smarties or M&M’s, and not coloured, just brown. Anyway…) Either Christmas Eve or the day before, or both, when we’re getting the house tidied up ready for the big day, Mum would buy a big bag of minstrels and give them out as rewards after every cleaning job (Eg. clean the bathroom = two minstrels, etc). It was great, not only as the only way to motivate our lazy asses, but also because it reveals the often-hidden generous side to my mother, who could have just disciplined us into helping, I guess.

    Once we grew up, we could also join in Mum’s favourite tradition, the 4 O’clock Baileys. (Do you have Baileys? Irish cream liqueor, basically Irish whiskey blended with lots of cream… delicious over ice!) But the rule is, the 4 o’clock baileys is only for after all the work is finished – so really it’s a nice way of saying, all the prep will not take over the evening/all of the time, because it will all be finished by 4pm, and then we can chill out. 🙂

    • we do have Bailey’s, YUM! Minstrals, though, I have never heard of. Very fun! I would love to celebrate Christmas in the UK some day. 🙂

  • lori

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  • lori

    our favorite thing to do for the holidays is light the hanukkah candles and sing songs as we eat kugle…. it is amazing..

  • lori
  • kashmira ali

    I hope to win the cards. Can’t wait to create some cute photo cards with pictures of my two boys . PLEASE PICK ME!

  • Sara Adams

    I love these cards.

    My favorite Christmas tradition is helping my Mom wrap presents. We always have so much fun together and it gives us a chance to spend time together. Now that we live in separate cities, it’s a little harder to make this happen, but we always wrap a few together!

  • my favorite tradition would have to be waking up very early {like 3am} to open presents with my family on Christmas morning. my brothers and i would make rules on Christmas eve that we could not go out and see the tree or our gifts until we all went out together. i would always break the ‘rules’ and wake up before them, the run into their room giddy with excitement. my parents we always so gracious at letting us wake up that early and open our things.

    now, as a mama, i am looking forward to building more favorite Christmas traditions with my little lady. {& hopefully more little ones someday!}

  • & i like you on fb { & in real life.} 🙂

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