Neighborhood Missionary

By Sunday, October 16, 2011 1 0

One of our partners shared a story this week about his son, who calls himself his neighborhood missionary.

This struck me to my core.

I want to be my neighborhood missionary. Yes, we are called to be missionaries in Spain, and we are obediently working toward seeing that call fulfilled in our lives. But what will be in Spain? Neighborhood missionaries.

We live in a suburba-box (a condo) and we know the names of most of our neighbors and their dogs (Darby and Hawk come to mind). I can think of two young people from our neighborhood whom we’ve influenced spiritually. But we haven’t invited our neighbors to get to know us, really, to a point where we could invite them to hear the Gospel.

People are partnering with us to share the Gospel in Spain. They’ll be credited in Heaven with the souls won there. But their partnership starts immediately. I want our team to be credited with the souls won here as well.

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