Book Review: Where Is God?

By Friday, October 14, 2011 1 0

Occasionally, I have the opportunity to read a book in exchange for a review here on Seasoned With Salt. Recently, I got to read Where is God by Dr. John Townsend, author of the famous Boundaries. I admit, I had a difficult time getting through the book at first. At the time I received the book, I wasn’t searching for God – I was smack dab in the middle of an adventure with Him, as we had just been appointed as church planters in Spain. After we had Susanna, though, and my life became consumed with newborn care, body changes, and a new schedule that limited my time alone, I felt very distant from God. I remembered some of the nuggets from Townsend’s book: seek community so you are not alone in your crisis, I am not alone, and God is at work through this trial.

While the stories were powerful and the book was well-organized, it wasn’t new information for me. I would recommend this book to new Christians and even searching people. In addition to answering the question “Why does God allow suffering,” and “How is God at work when I suffer,” Townsend offers practical solutions for seeking and finding the Lord when He seems distant.

The bottom line was to seek God in the scriptures, which, while sometimes difficult during a crisis, is excellent advice no Christian can be reminded of too often.

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  • fayelle

    Ooo, sounds good. Added to my “to-read” list!