Watching God Work

By Saturday, October 8, 2011 1 0

Three times a week, Chris walks a brisk mile to our neighborhood gym, where he lifts weights and uses some machines to stay in shape and shed the stresses of life. He’s been working out for over a year, and the physical results are visible. (Funny story: last night he tried to bench press me but I am not strong enough to keep my body straight or my giggles contained and we ended up in a heap on the floor).

Chris has made a friend out of one of the kids who worked at the front desk, thanks to his car. Bret has been looking for a Subaru Impreza just like Chris’s for a long time. He want to buy one to soup up and work on, and potentially race. Turns out Chris’s car is highly sought after and will fetch a good price when we’re ready to sell. So, week after week, Bret would playfully ask Chris if he was looking to sell his sweet car, and a friendship was formed. One afternoon, Chris and Bret were hanging out and chatting about the future and life and Bret shared a dream he had one night: Bret has purchased the Subaru he was looking for, but as soon as he parked it in his driveway, it started to rust and fall apart, and further inspection revealed that not all the parts were authentic. Walking away, Bret took a frustrated glance over his shoulder at the car, just in time to see it broadsided and destroyed. With wisdom beyond his 19 years, Bret said that he thought the dream was a reminder that he had become obsessive about the car. If he was meant to have the car, he’d be able to get it easily.

Chris and I have been praying that God would direct Bret’s path into ministry, and possibly missions. So this weekend, we invited him to come to Missions Fest Seattle, a sort of trade show for ministry organizations. We think it may have been overwhelming to see so many options available for serving the Lord for a kid who is still discovering his passions. Before today, all he knew is that he loved cars and anything mechanical. Today we think he learned that God can use those passions and skills in ministry, but he still has no clue how.

A YWAM DTS , a short term construction trip, an internship with a mission specializing in using secular careers in ministry… the options are endless. We are praying that God would give Bret a heart for a specific need or people group and then provide a way to serve.

It is so neat to watch God work in the life of someone who has prayed with earnest for guidance.