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As outlined in our last prayer letter, these are the Duryee Family Goals for Getting to Spain.

  1. Raise our support level to 30% by the end of December.
  2. Raise our support level to 50% by February. We’ve set this goal because until we are at 50% support, we will be drawing on our savings account to pay our bills. This is tough for us!
  3. Attend Essential Missions Components (EMC)* next July (50% requirement to attend).
  4. Take a Missions Theology course and Old Testament Survey course after EMC.
  5. Attend Field Prep Seminar (FPS)* next November (85% requirement to attend).
  6. Be fully supported by the beginning of December next year.

In the short term, this means we need to have about 3 individual meetings a week. We are scheduling a few churches here and there as well. We are also completing the New Testament course, reading some books required for service in Spain, and researching Spanish country and culture for a discussion that will take place at FPS.


Chris has a full-time job,we are caring for an infant, and we are still very involved in church, especially youth ministry.

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