Welcoming Susanna Jane

Susanna Jane Duryee was born on Thursday, June 30, at 11:18 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and measured 18.75 inches long.


Welcome to the world, Susanna!



hanging out in her first week of life

Her parents are essentially a mess. We don’t feel qualified to be Susanna’s parents, and we are struggling a great deal with the lack of sleep and drastic change to our lives. In church on Sunday we sang a song with the lyrics “your grace is enough” that really hit home… if we could only apply the principle! Needless to say, we really appreciate your prayers for us as we adapt to our little one.

I keep adding photos to our Flickr page here.


Happy 1 Week Birthday!

Susanna 198

Happy 2 Week Birthday!


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  1. I just googled my name and found your precious little girl! She is adorable. Just had to stop by and tell you she has a lovely name.

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