The Day We Lost A Letter

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This weekend we were blessed to present at First Baptist Church of Bellevue, a church so close to ours we consider them a kind of “sister” church. We showed up really early, and as we were setting up our display board we discovered a missing ‘a.’ The board said, “The Duryees t king Christ to Spain.” Since we were so early and so close to home, we decided to drive back to find our ‘a.’ Fortunately my scrapbooking supplies included an extra, because the missing letter must be somewhere in Burlington.

It was a good reminder to relax and make the best of these sometimes stressful situations. We did things slightly differently for this church, presenting about Spain during the main service rather than Sunday school. I would say we were feeling some insecurities about the whole morning because we’d made more last minute changes to our presentation and we wanted to be a blessing to this church – not to mention the missing ‘a’! Chris and I each shared the short version of our testimony and then Chris shared about our plans in Spain to lead youth and college ministries.

FBC Bellevue was a wonderful host and very kind to us – they allayed all our insecurities with their welcome and the tremendous support they are already providing to the church plant in Spain. Many of the church members have even visited the Browns! But the best part of all was hearing from the youth leaders that the kids really seemed to be listening intently to Chris’s presentation and that they had questions after. One mom thanked me for sharing my testimony that two friends persistently invited me to church, even though I said no many times, and Chris for pointing out that although he grew up in the church, as her own teens had, God had spoken and moved in a mighty way in his life.

If teens will be impacted by our humble story and the way God has placed His call on our life, then we will gladly endure the insecurities that comes with presenting before large groups!

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