It’s Beautiful

By Tuesday, May 17, 2011 2 0

In preparation for being a mama, I’ve been doing some things that are pretty new to me; some healing things.

  • creating a beautiful space, painted a gorgeous shade of pinkish lavender, where little Susanna and I can bond (and she can hopefully sleep)
  • reading a book called Motherless Daughters: the Legacy of Loss and addressing some things from my past
  • being grateful for the amazing women in my life who stepped up
  • discussing parenting and kid-friendly activities with my husband
  • wearing flats, doing my makeup and hair, seeing a chiropractor and continuing to take the stairs when possible. i.e.: taking care of myself
  • collecting children’s book titles
  • praying about Very Serious Issues Such As Finances
  • being, not just feeling, beautiful

Photo courtesy of Kellie O’Brien Photography

Special thanks to my friend Kellie for taking amazing maternity photos!

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  • You are welcome Rose, and… thank YOU! You ARE beautiful!!

  • Brea Snyder

    What a beautiful picture!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂