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I don’t know much about it, but sometimes I try to blog about liturgy. If you come from a really traditional Christian denomination, I’d probably be blasphemous. I don’t like rites and rituals, and I really don’t like them when they’re done out of obligation, fear or habit. So it isn’t because I am “religious” that I have observed Lent for the last few years, but because I appreciate the opportunity to have a season in which I can focus more intentionally on Jesus. I couldn’t tell you what a successful Lent looks like, except that I desire to be closer to God each Easter than I was the Easter before.

In his post, “What’s the Point of Lent,” Joel Miller says,

But there’s much more to Lent than giving up x, y, or z. There’s taking on something: Christ. Jesus is the reason for this season, too.

From a practical standpoint, I like to give up or take on things for Lent that will be lasting habits in my life. That way, each Lenten season has a lasting impact on me. In 2009 I gave up Facebook. It was a challenge because I was unemployed and looking for work, which meant spending a good amount of time hanging out on my computer. But 40 days later, I had a completely different attitude about the addictive site. I realized what it did and didn’t add to my life, and ever since then, I really do waste less time there.

So, this year, I am adding, rather than taking away, something. I’m drinking more water. It’s mostly for baby’s sake, but God has given me some good nuggets to make it a little more “spiritual.”

What are you giving up or adding in your life in order to focus on Jesus?

Also, a prayer request: Chris has shingles. The pain and discomfort don’t seem too bad but it is an inconvenience. I had the chicken pox at age 16 but very mild, so I may be at risk. We appreciate your prayers, especially as Chris deals with the famous “phantom rash” that shingles brings.

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  • Hmmm. I like the idea of giving something up for Lent but I am already giving up so much by doing Paleo! Maybe I’ve started a pre-Lent season?

    • I only do it if I am feeling the need for a specific behavior or habit to change AND I have a way to connect it to a spiritual discipline. The point is to give something up in order to take on Jesus, not just to make a change, you know?

  • Melissa Molsee

    So sorry to hear about Chris. Will be praying for all 3 of you!

    • He is all better now! Very mild case! I need to blog more.