“Preacher Man”

By Friday, February 11, 2011 3 0

It’s with great joy and a little trepidation that I announce the date of our prefield ministry kickoff: March 6, 2011.

Chris will be preaching (PREACHING!) at Eastgate Bible Fellowship on Sunday morning and we will share our heart and vision around God’s call to us to share the Gospel in Spain.

Come if you dare.

In all seriousness, while Chris’s first sermon is an important step in this journey, I think that element of this special day will be secondary to the fact that our little church is celebrating the kickoff of our journey and their role as sending church. Chris must learn to preach, and where better to begin learning how than in our safe and supportive home church? He will receive the love, grace and constructive criticism he needs as a messenger of the Gospel (a role that he takes very seriously and with great humility).

We have also been invited to participate in the missions conference at Taylor Creek Church in Maple Valley that same day. We very much appreciate a fellow graduate of our candidate class, Todd, for the invite! TCC has supported the Browns for many years, so we are looking forward to building a relationship with a church that already cares and prays for the people we are going to serve in Spain.

Next up, I’ll document my progress on our presentation display.

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  • So flipping exciting! 🙂 Is he going to wear a tie?

  • Probably not. Maybe khakis and a polo though.

  • SO excited for you & Chris! This is wonderful! He’s going to do a great job and you are going to be SO proud of him. I wish I could be there! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Also, he should wear a suit. Just my humble opinion. 😉