Missional Music Monday – Rock of Ages

By Monday, January 24, 2011 1 0

So, this song is definitely not traditionally missional song. It’s a praise song about the Rock of Ages, Jesus, Who is unlike any other.

But, singing it following a wonderful sermon about the Rock of Ages known by Daniel, God gave me a beautiful picture.

Rocks. Some…

In my mind, I pictured a big, solid rock with one flat side. Then I imagined literally laying down each of our upcoming tasks on that rock. First, I laid down a huge binder we just received in the mail: our New Testament class. Then, I laid down a box of prayer cards, envelopes and an Excel spreadsheet featuring all the potential supporting churches within 100 miles of our home. In another open spot, I laid down a stack of letters, one by one, addressed to the pastors of churches in our area. Some other things I laid down in my vision: a finance email, a prefield checklist, and a mental image of our car’s odometer.

Not surprisingly, the Rock held up! 😉

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  • I had never heard that arrangement-pretty! So glad you laid those hard things down. Praying for you all!