and if our God is for us

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At a Starfield concert, the lead singer made a joke about how the name “Chris Tomlin” wasn’t actually in the Bible, in spite of what our church’s music pastor had led us to believe.

That really rocked my world, as you can imagine. If this is news to you as well, take heart: Chris Tomlin might not be in the Bible, but the Bible certainly inspires his amazing worship songs!

The bridge of this song has been going through my head nonstop for a few weeks now.

And if our God is for us
then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us
then what could stand against

We are moving a bit slowly on our current prefield steps, which involve finishing our display, printing letters and mailing info packets to churches, and then following up with those churches, in part because it’s hard work and it takes some time; and in part because I am over thinking the process. In the nonprofit world, where I do my day job, we wordsmith and tailor and perfect our presentation so as to convince the most people to give to our (worthy) cause. While the skills I’ve gained from my development work are valuable to prefield ministry, they’re not everything.

God is everything.

God will be the One to use the skills I’ve earned to help us; if we are successful, it won’t be through any strength of our own because God has given us everything we have.

And WE KNOW that He is for us. I don’t say this often – it seems foolish to presume anything about God except that His love is complete and unconditional, which He has told us – but not only do I know that God is for us in the general sense of the term, I know that He is “for us to get to Spain.” At least right now, for our mysterious and sovereign God can direct our path any direction at any time, the center of His will is preparing for ministry in Spain.

So, if we know this, we should move swiftly, and confidently, because “who could ever stop us?”

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  • Beautiful post; beautiful song. (I love Chris Tomlin, too!)