Let’s Pretend

By Thursday, December 16, 2010 1 0

Let’s pretend I didn’t promise a blog series on advent.

And then let’s pretend I didn’t skip the third Sunday in advent (I do have a beautiful post in mind but it requires uploading photos and apparently I am too lazy to do that on weekdays).

Let’s pretend I am not writing a blog post about how little I’ve written since NaBloPoMo ended.

Let’s pretend I am not blogging because I am not procrastinating in other areas of my life as well, including the (fun!) project of creating a missionary display board for our upcoming presentations.

Not to mention Christmas shopping.

Let’s pretend this is one of the best posts I’ve ever written!

This is actually true: only children are really good at pretend.

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  • Let’s pretend that you and I are twins, and we married twin guys, and we had a twin wedding, and we live in twin mansions, and we have twins.

    And you drive a purple car, and I drive a bright blue one.

    Oh, and we have maids. And on-call Nannies.