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It’s no secret I’m a Duck fan or that this is a great season for the little team in Eugene.

But this post is not about those Ducks. Although I sure am hoping to have a post about them sometime around January 10! (I debated even typing those words, but decided there’s no shame in hoping this late in the season, no matter what happens next week).

This post is about a different kind of duck. The kind that really and truly can make a difference. Because as much as I Love My Ducks, they can’t feed the hungry, save lives, or give a struggling family an income.

But some ducks can.

World Concern’s Global Gift Guide is one of my favorite things about Christmas. In honor of my Alma Mater and its incredible journey this football season, I decided to purchase ducks for a family in need. Who knew duck eggs have twice as much vitamin A and more calcium than chicken eggs?

There’s no shortage of adorable and unique gifts: a piglet, a goat or an entire barnyard will help not just a family, but a community, for many years.

In the education section, you can pay a teacher’s salary or provide 15 desks or a blackboard for a school.

$100 in the Children at Risk section of the catalog will support six children orphaned by AIDS.

You can give a small business loan to a lady entrepreneur with a viable business. Microloans, one of World Concern’s special programs, get multiplied: when a business owner can, she pays back the loan to provide for another local business.

Even kids can get involved with helping at World Concern! With the 44 cent cure, we can prevent or cure intestinal worms for one child for a year.

Finally, you can give the gift of the Gospel by providing Bibles or training for local pastors.

The Global Gift Guide is the most fascinating Christmas gift catalog out there! World Concern has an especially low overhead, and over 94% of your 100% tax deductible donation goes straight help those in need.

Merry Christmas!

While I used to work for World Concern’s parent organization, CRISTA Ministries, they generally have no idea who I am or that I even wrote about them. I just really love their ministry and thought you might too.
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  • Katie

    There are quite a few similar things in Britain. It was great fun buying these sorts of things one Christmas – when else could I legitimately give my baby sister a Can of Worms? 😀 😀 (They’re good for soil and so forth.) But the problem comes after you’ve done it once – what do you do next year?

    • haha a can of worms is awesome! I think it’s ok to do similar things every year!

      • Katie

        Unless your mum says to you “that was great for one year but don’t go doing it every year please”…

  • Jolene

    My husband and I usually purchase something from World Vision’s Christmas catalog. It’s very similar. And I like to give goats or alpacas. BUT, that little piglet has just about the most adorable guilt-trip look you could ever imagine. Maybe I’ll give a pig this year… we’ll see!

    • yeah, the pig was almost too much for me too!

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