Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

By Wednesday, November 24, 2010 2 0

Tomorrow I have a feeling I will post a late-night picture of my cherry cobbler, gluten-free stuffing, or my grandma’s turkey.

Today, I’d like to share some of the things I am thankful for this year. Please join the conversation and tell me – what are you thankful for?

  • warm house
  • flexible job and not worrying about making it through the snow
  • fun job that allows me to serve underprivileged and needy families throughout Washington
  • family nearby
  • family far away
  • the internet’s provision of recipes for foods my husband loves, gluten- and dairy-free
  • Chris learning that gluten and dairy were what was making him so sick all the time
  • my camera
  • our prefield journey and all the lessons we’ll learn and people we’ll meet
  • Eastgate Bible Fellowship
  • the opportunity to serve in youth ministry
  • love
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  • charm waddellNo Gravatar
    November 24, 2010

    I’m making all my gluten free stuff tonight. My list is stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, and homemade cocktail sauce (we have way more allergies than chris 🙂 )You guys should totally come for thanksgiving with us next year. Did you know they put gluten and dairy in turkeys? Ya got to be careful during the holidays!! check out this link which has 5 tips for a safe gluten free thanksgiving! http://glutenfreeeasily.com/5-tips-for-a-safe-gluten-free-thanksgiving-or-group-event/

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m thankful that my husband is an awesome winter driver, that i can be a stay at home mom for my kids, and we are pretty happy and healthy despite all of our allergies, and that we have great support from our family!

    • RoseNo Gravatar
      November 24, 2010

      Thanks, Charm! What kind of turkey do they put gluten and dairy in? I will have to ask my grandma what kind she got. Chris’ are not really allergies… he just feels icky if he gets into some, especially dairy or beef. When I hear the type of sick my celiac friends get, I am thankful Chris just watches what he eats.