You Never See This in the US


Those columns across the street in the foreground? The ones holding up the apartment buildings? Yeah…they’re 2,000 years old.

Also, do you see how close these cars are parked together? Craziness!

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Chris, Rosalie and Susanna. Heart for young people, skeptics, hurting and heavy hearted. Grateful that God qualifies the called, not the other way around. Striving to live in obedience to our call to church planting in Spain and documenting the journey along the way.

4 thoughts on “You Never See This in the US

  1. Two thousand years. That is almost mind boggling to me. Here in the States we marvel at buildings over a hundred years old! Our architecture is flailing in comparison.

    The parallel parking scares me. I love their tiny little cars, though. Will you be driving one of those in Spain? :)

    • Actually, we are kinda sorta in the market for one right now because I need to learn to drive a stick shift before we go. We like small cars too, and we’re excited to buy something there that you can’t buy here. Very interesting!

      Re: architecture I know! Not sure about these columns specifically, but we saw some from the original “Roman road.”

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