High School Ministry Not for the Faint of Heart

By Wednesday, November 17, 2010 4 0

Tonight’s youth ministry involved a game called zip bong that required everyone to talk in a manner that did not reveal one’s teeth.

Then, we enjoyed “real food”: cupcakes, animal crackers, chips and soda.

Then we answered the question, “what about people who never get the chance to hear about Jesus?”

Totally related!

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  • Katie

    What conclusions did you come to?

  • well, briefly, we touched on a few things: one, God loves the world deeply (John 3:16) and it is His will that none should perish (Matt 18:14, 2 Peter 3:9). Two, no one goes to Hell by accident or by slipping through the cracks. Everyone in Hell has one thing in common: they rejected Jesus Christ. Three, the Bible says that every tribe and tongue will be represented in Heaven (Romans 14:11, Revelation 7:9, 14:6), so that must mean that God reaches every nation/people group (which is not to say that missions is dead but that it is of utmost importance if Jesus is to return!). Lastly, the 10 Commandments says that sinful parents are punished to the third and fourth generation, but obedient parents are blessed to the thousandth generation. This means that one man’s sins affect his children and grandchildren, but obedience and honoring God can last through the generations. The first missionaries reached a great number of people, and their descendants are surely still being blessed by God as the result of their hearing of Jesus, even though we might define them as unreached.

    • Katie


  • Robin

    You’re so right Rose! There’s really no telling what will come up in conversation with kids. It’s exciting and intimidating…. Bring it on!