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Meet the Everetts. Our church supports them, and they came to speak to us today.It was wonderful!

After five years on prefield (I hope one day this period of a missionary’s career won’t matter. Right now, though, it matters a great deal), they moved to Brazil to be part of a church planting field council. As a family, they serve in a church with a national pastor, do sports ministry, youth ministry, discipleship and pastoral training. God has called them to establish a training center where they can hosts pastoral training sessions, retreats, Bible studies and a second hand clothing store. God has even shown them a gorgeous plot of land that would be perfect for their training center.

And, with construction and leadership backgrounds, they are equipped to build and establish the training center quickly and effectively. They’ve raised about 34% of the funds they need to buy the land.

The work that Chris and I will be doing in Spain will be very similar to what the Everetts do in Brazil. We will have the same title (assistant church planters), we share the same passion for youth ministry, and like the Everetts four years ago, we don’t know what other amazing things God is going to call us to do on our field.

Another thing: the Everetts are from Salem, just a few hours away. We’ll be pulling from a very similar pool of supporters, but we don’t want to be on prefield for five years! Pray pray pray!

(for them and for us!)

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