(Missional) Music Monday

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It’s so fun to bring new and old music to mind for folks with Missional Music Monday. I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to share your favorite missional songs and hymns in the comments.

I am fortunate to attend Bible Study Fellowship at a Lutheran church near my home. BSF sings hymns only, and since we’re in a Lutheran church, many of them are new to me. Sometimes, the tune is familiar but the words are totally different.

Last week we sang, “Savior of the Nations, Come.” I remember feeling that it was perfect for Missional Music Monday, but now that I am reading the lyrics I’m not entirely sure why. I thought I’d post it anyway. It’s missional in the sense that it’s news that must be shared!

I loved this hymn, both for the lyrics and the tune. I love songs with that edgy sound (I always say flat because B flat is my favorite note, but I think it’s actually songs in the minor key that I love). I love songs in minor key so much that I chose a dirge for the hymn we sang in our wedding! (The one I linked to is a great version but my favorite is by Indelible Grace).

“Savior of the Nations, Come”
by Martin Luther, 1483-1546

Savior of the nations, come,
Virgin’s Son, make here Thy home!
Marvel now, O heaven and earth,
That the Lord chose such a birth.

Not by human flesh and blood,
By the Spirit of our God,
Was the Word of God made flesh–
Woman’s Offspring, pure and fresh.

Wondrous birth! O wondrous Child
Of the Virgin undefiled!
Though by all the world disowned,
Still to be in heaven enthroned.

From the Father forth He came
And returneth to the same,
Captive leading death and hell–
High the song of triumph swell!

Thou, the Father’s only Son,
Hast o’er sin the victory won.
Boundless shall Thy kingdom be;
When shall we its glories see?

Brightly doth Thy manger shine,
Glorious is its light divine.
Let not sin o’er cloud this light;
Ever be our faith thus bright.

Praise to God the Father sing,
Praise to God the Son, our King,
Praise to God the Spirit be
Ever and eternally.

The Lutheran Hymnal
Hymn # 95
Text: John 1: 14

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