It’s Busy Season

By Tuesday, October 12, 2010 0 0

I am busy busy busy.

It’s busy at work (Big Brothers Big Sisters)…

It’s busy at home (homework, preparing for speaking engagements)

It’s busy at church (youth ministry in fall!)

We’ve sort of “endured” these busy seasons in the past. It’s crazy how a busy life doesn’t always equal a full life. Sometimes a busy life is draining. But Chris and I are committed to ensuring a full life, for the sake of ministry.

What is the point, if life isn’t full?

So we are paying attention to the little things: romance, a regular date night (not exactly weekly, but SOMETHING!), affirmations, praying together, reading together, eating together.

It’s work, but it’s working!

Life is busy, but, more importantly, it’s full.

How do you keep a full (read: satisfied) life when you feel “too” busy?

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