For Such a Time as This

By Tuesday, September 14, 2010 4 0

Romans 15:4
(just scroll your mouse over it!)

Truly, I don’t have time to do Bible Study Fellowship this year. With work, prefield, youth ministry and school, all of which certainly come first, my days are filled. There are weeks right now where Chris and I don’t have a single evening together at home because we have to (or we didn’t want to pass up) be somewhere.

But I love it, and we’re studying Isaiah, and I have not been in the Word in the mornings consistently since finishing our study on John, so I went. I decided that I would go until it was clear I needed to drop something from my schedule in order to survive.

And then, after our lecture, I remembered why I go back each year. The way that BSF gets me into the Word is what helps me survive my crazy schedule! What is one exhausted Tuesday morning if I have consistent, sweet time with my Lord each morning? What is one more super quick dinner-on-the-run if the scriptures are being embedded in my mind and imprinted on my heart?

And what better book to study than Isaiah as Chris and I try to carry out our calling?

Our lecture leader gave us a reminder last night:

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Maybe the wrong century?

*corporate nodding and agreement*

You weren’t.

(Imagine her grinning from ear to ear as she says it.)

After starting my lesson this morning, with a cup of coffee and a bright light to simulate sunlight pouring through my window (which it wasn’t), I really feel like now is the perfect time to make studying Isaiah with BSF a priority. And I know God will give me the strength (and schedule) to do it.