A Sweet Sunday

By Sunday, September 12, 2010 3 0

Somebody remind me of this day in three months, when it’s getting dark at 4 pm, freezing cold and raining all the time. I’ll need a reminder of how excited I am to start Bible Study Fellowship when I can’t be on time (perpetually 5 minutes late… I am sorry!) because I’m all weighed down and depressed with SAD on the couch.

Some sweet things from today and this coming week:

Sunday School kickoff with the balloon man, and giving my green and yellow flower to 6 year Miss Ellie, just because she wanted it.

A hard (both to preach as to hear, I’m sure) sermon about truth.

Coffee and discussing the Bible with a sweet friend.

Sweet friend who brought me a Mississippi Mud Brownie, which I am eating as I type.

A sunny day.

A good football weekend for the Ducks (and the PAC-10 in general) and the Seahawks. Two come-from-behind wins in one weekend? Glorious!

Bible Study Fellowship starts tomorrow evening. We will study Isaiah. I am so looking forward to being continually in the Word.

A great job.

EY Alive Youth Ministry kicks off on Wednesday. So excited to discuss being “linked” with high school kids.

A meeting about prefield. Anything that moves us forward is something to look forward to!

I hope your week promises to be just as sweet.

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  • Jenny

    Aw, sweet post. Rose, I love you!

    • I love you too, Jenny!

  • Holly Davis

    I admire a woman who can type and eat brownies at the same time. Nice post, too!