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Today is Chris’s birthday! He doesn’t get as enthusiastic about birthdays as I do (I guess enthusiasm is supposed to decrease with age?), but he has a lot to look forward to this year. Chris says some 10-year-olds get more excited about their birthdays than me.

In honor of Chris’s 34th year, I present you with our 2010 prayer card, which we’ll be having printed soon. This is a “birthday card” of a different sort.

Prayer Card Front

Prayer Card Back

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  • Katie

    The prayer cards are so cute! Did you do the layout yourelf? Also, do they come with a more specific sister prayer-card? 🙂

    • I designed them myself, yep! No more specific cards, but we will send out monthly prayer letters with specific prayers. And Facebook messages and phone calls and emails and WHATEVER WE CAN GET!!!! 😀

  • You did a gorgeous job, Rose! I love it! This is a prayer card I would most definitely display on my fridge!