Word Filled Wednesday #2

By Wednesday, August 11, 2010 2 0

I’ve been listening to the Mars Hill Church series on Song of Solomon, Peasant Princess, on my commute to work. I have it on CD and I was getting tired of the radio, so I popped it in one day and said a quick prayer to the Lord to use it again to make me a better wife.

Always an interesting prayer to pray, no?

Proverbs 31

When Chris and I watched the series together, it was revolutionary for our marriage. I wholeheartedly recommend it, whether you’re engaged, newly-married, or… seasoned. I recommend it whether you’re happily married, roommates, or miserable.

Just let go of all your expectations, except those you have about God’s incredible ability to transform those He loves.

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  • Tarah Hyder

    I’ve listened to this as well and completely agree. I highly recommend it; in fact my teen daughter is set to download it to her ITunes this weekend.

  • Mark Boyer

    That was the series that made me decide to go to Mars Hill. The Lord really spoke to me with that. There’s something to get from it even as a single person.