The Missionary Covenant

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On Friday, July 16, 2010, we walked together across the stage to shake the hands of the president of our mission agency and receive a towel printed with “sent to serve” from our dear friend, mentor and Associate Pastor.

Serve_07 27 10_0407

Chris Rose and Jerry

Before that moment, however, Chris and I stood with the other candidates in our class and recited the following covenant to and before our great God:

Because ultimate reality is God’s Kingdom, where He will be worshiped by people of every tribe and nation,

Because Jesus Christ has redeemed me out of sin and reconciled me to Himself,

Because He has chosen to use me in His great global strategy,

Because many still have not heard the gospel,

And Because Christ will soon return,

I publicly covenant before God, my coworkers at ABWE and our partners around the world…

to passionately pursue a growing relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ

to abandon selfish ambition and make whatever sacrifice necessary to proclaim the gospel

to make all other allegiances subordinate to my loyalty to Christ, taking up my cross and following Him

to boldly proclaim the gospel of Christ, making disciples, teaching them to live the Word of God in fellowship with one another

to never turn back from my commitment to Christ and His call, no matter the cost

with God’s enablement through the power of His Word and Spirit, and the prayers of His people.

It was one of the most meaningful moments of our trip.

(And this was the result!)

CS_07 21 10_0334

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  • Jo Cudney

    A powerful covenant indeed. Thank you for writing it out word for word. I heard it, but seeing it in print is even more impactful.

  • Beautiful.

    I am so excited for both of you.

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE this post and the picture and the covenant. And I think you should frame a picture of your name tags and the covenant and hang it somewhere in your home. Like your home “motto” or something. I love it!

    • I totally forgot about this because we have not unpacked them, but we actually have certificates that look sort of like degrees. I will definitely frame the covenant to put with the certificates!

  • It’s so wonderful to see your names on those badges. J.J. (one of the bigger bosses) came up to Chris the previous Monday when I was in and asked him about his Spain flag (on the outside of our cubicle) – and he shared with her that you guys would most likely be missionaries in Spain. It was really cool to hear him say that. Made it all real. So awesome!