God's timing is perfect

By Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1 0

We are hanging out at Missionary Enrichment conference with other prefield, active and retired missionaries. They are here to be refreshed, taught and prayed for. We met a family last night headed to Cape Verde. They have been on prefield for over three years and they are at 55 percent of their support. This doesn’t mean it will be another three years before they go, but it could.

The team that Chris and I want to join need us now. There are families in their tiny church with kids who are ready to join a youth group, but they don’t have one. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of young people in Alcalá who don’t know the Lord.

We can be ready to go in a little over a year, if we work hard at our classes. But we have to raise the money.

Let me be clear: prefield is not a burden. Or, if it is, it’s a burden that the Lord carries of His own strength, not ours. Prefield is a time of ministry to the Church, a time of equipping for times that will surely be more difficult. We are looking forward to what God has in store for our time on prefield.

But the Good News is only good if it gets there on time. And when I think of all the Christians who live and work in our area, who could minister in our place while we minister in Spain to people who don’t have a church family at all.

There will be many more entries about prefield. As God, in His wisdom provides and guides, I anticipate they will be full of gratitude for the privilege of serving people on our way to the field and being blessed tenfold by supporters and prayer warriors. That is how He is, and His timing is perfect.

But this one is our desperate plea that you would pray with us that God has it in His plan to take us to Spain sooner, rather than later.

We simultaneously thank God for however long it takes and pray that it won’t take too long.

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  • Katie

    How much money etc, do you need to raise?