Thankful He Won't Forget Me

By Wednesday, June 30, 2010 5 0

I have the most adorable nephew in the world. I mean, seriously.

Picture 028_Ryan Happy

Although Chris and I really want to go to Spain as soon as possible, and we are praying in faith that God sends us in a “shorter than anticipated” time frame, my nephew is one good thing about having to wait. He’s only 2 now, but if prefield lasts awhile, he’ll be 5, 6 or maybe even 7 years old.

He won’t look like this anymore:

Picture 030_boost

But at least he’ll remember his Aunty Rose. I imagine he’ll feel like this when we leave:

Picture 027_Ryan Sad

Wait. That’s how I’ll feel saying goodbye to him.


And no matter how old he gets… I’ll always remember him like this (sorry, dude):

Picture 025_Ryan up close

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  • He is pretty redonkulously cute.
    I’m STILL laughing over, “What you have in there, mommy?”

  • Siri

    This post needed a disclaimer! Trying to make me shed a tear at work – geesh!

    • I will crack your shell, yet, mama!!

  • AWW! You both are adorable.

  • Donna Duryee

    Although, not as cute, our faces will look like that, too, when you leave. Don’t worry about Ryan–he has a “one-of-a-kind Auntie Rose”. Donna & Dick