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A friend of mine from my school days tagged me in a sort of “get to know you” post. This has nothing to do with missions, Spain or Jesus, but it’s super fun anyway!

  1. If you could be any animal on earth, which animal would you be and why? I’d probably be some kind of bird, since I desperately want to be able to fly. Maybe a hawk or a bald eagle. They’re powerful but the babies are still cute.
  2. What was your prized possession as a child? What happened to it? I had a blankie. It fell apart and my grandma fixed it many times. I would suck my thumb and hold it against my nose. That corner got a hole big enough for me to put my (adult) hand through. It’s in a bin full of stuff from my childhood – mostly photos and books and a small number of toys.
  3. Your house is on fire! Everyone’s going to make it out ok, but you only have time to save 3 things… what do you grab? My camera, my phone, and this plate I bought in Spain. Two most expensive and most precious item I own. I have a thing about dishes. Did you know?
  4. What was your first pet as a child? What did you name it? I didn’t name any pets as a child. All our cats came to us. Their names were Lucky (my grandpa was going to get rid of him but then he killed a mole and convinced my grandpa to let him stay. I won’t tell you how Grandpa was going to get rid of him) and the second was Suki.
  5. When you first learned to parallel park, what kind of car were you driving? And how badly did you suck at it? I learned to drive in a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus. I did ok… the second time. If I have enough time and I don’t have to pee, I don’t mind parallel parking.
  6. Chilling at home: Shoes, socks, bare feet or slippers? Socks. I want to say bare feet, but I get cold feet and that makes my tummy hurt. Weird, I know.
  7. Would you rather go a lifetime without your favorite candy or a lifetime without dental floss? Probably candy. I’m not sure what my favorite candy is, except dark chocolate. Which they put in cake. Flossing is important, even though I never do it.
  8. Tell me about a wardrobe malfunction… what happened, how badly did you blush? Oh man. This is NOT the direction I wanted this blog to go. When I was in elementary school, my girl scout troop tye-dyed shirts. I wore it to school one day when I walked. Running late, I climbed over the fence to get to my classroom on time, and my shorts got caught on the fence and ripped almost completely off. I was MORTIFIED! It was fourth or fifth grade, people! That’s when you care the most about what people think! But thankfully, for some reason, the shirt my grandma bought for me was from a Big & Tall shop or something. It was like a dress, so I just untucked it and wore it like a dress over my ripped shorts.

Here are five questions for folks who are up to the challenge, followed by a few folks I’ve tagged.

1. If you had to wear one color every day for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
2. What’s your favorite not-for-profit?
3. You’re at the Farmer’s Market. Which veggies are you most excited about?
4. Share the city you most want to visit and why.
5. I’m a HUGE cheater! Read this entry of mine. What are some of the things you’d take with you if you moved across the world?

Elizabeth at MissWisabus
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Thanks, Karla, for the fun quiz!

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  • YOU have a THING about DISHES? No wai.

    I love your malfunctioning shorts story. Priceless.

  • Big and Tall shop! That’s hilarious! 🙂

    Thanks for tagging me…I’ll have to do it the next time I actually blog. 😉