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By Monday, June 21, 2010 3 0

Spain Brain is the phrase I use when I can’t stop thinking about Spain and Spain-related topics. Today, I have Spain Brain for a bunch of reasons!

  • I bought some clothes to wear in PA during candidate class. Had to step it up a bit in the wardrobe department; this ain’t Seattle, folks. (In Seattle, we wear jeans to the ballet. With tennis shoes. And fleece.)
  • Speaking of candidate class, our church raised 100% of the funds we needed to go in one weekend. And the summer missionary project included funds for two of our high school kids to do some training to teach 5-Day Clubs! We go to an amazing church and we serve an amazing God. Another confirmation.
  • Spain plays Honduras in their second game in the 2010 World Cup today.
  • Chris and I got new phones this weekend. Fancy schmancy data phones with The Internets, apps, and touch screens that slide to reveal QWERTY keys. I have an app that tells me the weather in Madrid. Which is a heck of a lot nicer than the weather in Seattle!
  • The weather in Seattle is horrible; the weather in Madrid is delightful = Spain Brain.
  • I made (virgin) sangria for the in-laws Father’s Day celebration dinner.
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  • Katie

    ” our church raised 100% of the funds we needed to go in one weekend” — WOW. 😀

    • Definitely WOW! I feel so exciting that it is all happening for you – your patience to see what God has planned for your life is definitely being rewarded!

      Love you girl 🙂

      (And I would like to see the clothes)

      • Hahahahahaha!!! “patience” she says.