The Ten Things I Won't Leave Behind… and Why

By Tuesday, June 15, 2010 6 0

I have no idea what it looks like to move across the world. When my aunt moved to Hawaii, she rented space on a container ship and waited a month or so for her car and some furniture to follow. But Washington to Hawaii is more of a straight shot than Spain, right? We have to think seriously about cost-effectiveness. It’s expensive to live in Spain, but would buying new furniture be more expensive than shipping all our stuff? My preference is to buy most of our needs there. It will ensure it fits in our home both spacewise and culturewise, which is important.

But there are a few things I couldn’t possible leave behind.

  1. Cobalt blue Fiesta dinnerware. This stuff is my life, folks. The round covered casserole? Bring on the Gazpacho. And if you’re like me, you’ll eat gazpacho out of the deep, aptly-named Gusto Bowls. The bread platters? Spaniards eat bread with every meal. Fresh, preservative-free bread that was made to be dipped in olive oil. Or topped with jamón serrano. I didn’t even come close to listing all my pieces. Lord knows I didn’t need the mini disk pitcher, but I’ll put cream in it anyway. No matter how much they weigh, or how many I add between now and moving, they’re coming with me.
  2. Red Kitchenaid. Our mentors and future partners moved to Spain 17 years ago. The plan was to use the Kitchenaid until it died, and then buy one in Spain that didn’t require a ridiculous combination converter/transformer. The thing is, it still runs. It runs super fast and super loud, being built for 110 volts and running on 230. It doesn’t cost its weight in voltage for nothin’ people!
  3. Books. What cures homesickness or culture shock better than transferring oneself to another time and another land? Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, John Irving… I’ll be relying on you to make me feel at home when I don’t.
  4. My Great Great Grandma Porter’s Bible. A constant reminder of the legacy we’ve been left and the legacy we hope to leave.
  5. Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker. Do I even need to explain? This makes the café for café con leche.
  6. Sleep Number. I’ll be honest. We’re not sure this one is going to work out. How, exactly, do you ship a mattress across the world? But if we can, we’re going to try. Cuz we like the sleep we get here.
  7. Cookbooks and the chest in which they sit. If there’s one way I’m stupid, there’s a hundred. But one is measurements. Sure, it’s easier to figure out when you use meters, but the problem is I don’t. One of my cookbooks has a handy dandy conversion chart I’m sure I’ll utilize plenty in the land of easy but unfamiliar measurements. Not to mention what I’m sure will be a need for some plain ole home cookin’. Additionally, I house my cookbooks in a red music chest that belonged to the same great great grandmother as the aforementioned Bible. These are my material inheritances and I heart them mucho.
  8. Christmas Ornaments. I hear Christmas in Spain is delightful. Roasted-chestnuts-from-a-street-vendor delightful. An empty Christmas tree just would not do.
  9. Facebook. Ok, I know the internet travels everywhere with me, but I had to include it. When I think about the fact that I can write a “letter” to a missed friend or a devoted supporter in 3 seconds flat, I’m in awe. I know there’s lots of evil in the World Wide we call the Web, but what the enemy intended for bad, God used for good.
  10. My camera. I almost left this out because it seems as obvious as a toothbrush, some clothes to wear, and our passports. But in the month I’ve had it, it’s become a part of me.

I can’t wait to share with you the Ten Things I’ll Never Live Without Again, once I discover them in Spain.

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  • Siri

    Yay to #5 🙂

  • I loved this post – it was very fun to read and I love when you let us in on your inner workings/past. I wouldn’t want to part with my Fiesta either, and if I had a little red chest like the one that holds your cookbooks, I wouldn’t want to leave that behind!

    Good luck with transporting the mattress – that does sound like a task, indeed.

    I found another stove-top espresso pot at G.W. AGAIN – this time it was a silver Moka pot by Bialetti, I believe.

    I want some roasted Spanish Christmas chestnuts!

    • Thanks, Dear!

      The Moka Express is the one I have. You should have bought it so you could clean it up and give it to someone as a gift!!

  • I did buy it; I’ve used it! It works great. My husband doesn’t want me to use the blue one anymore because it leaves blue marks on the burners.

  • People ship cars. I’m sure you can manage a mattress, somehow.

    • true! My aunt shipped her car to Hawaii. Love your avatar, by the way!