Next Month's Adventure

By Thursday, June 10, 2010 1 0

This time next month, in addition to celebrating 6 years of marriage, Chris and I will be in the throes of Candidate Seminar at ABWE’s headquarters in Harrisburg, PA. It’s so hard to believe how soon we’ll be there, and thus how soon we’ll be commissioned. It still feels like yesterday that we were just considering going to Spain for a week to assist the missionaries there. Hey – it feels like yesterday I was praying God would make a way for Chris and I to do full-time missions work!

Our journey is an answer to a long-term prayer of our church’s as well: in 2000, we developed a “2012 Vision.” One of the elements of that vision was that our church would send 5 people into full-time ministry. Chris and I are part of that vision coming to fruition. As I am praying for other visions for our church or our life, like growing our youth ministry, becoming a true prayer warrior, church planters we support, God’s faithfulness to our church in this area is a constant reminder that He truly is at work.

Some of the things I am most excited about learning and experiencing on our trip to Harrisburg:

  • testimonies of other missionary candidates (I anticipate water works!)
  • ins and outs of missionary life – culture shock, language issues and marriage and family life on the field
  • meeting leaders and people of influence and hearing their stories
  • feeling the ups and downs: we’re totally unqualified for this… except by God’s grace!
  • depending on God to keep Chris and I focused on glorifying Him while we’re there. Satan often attacks our marriage in times that should be full of joy and anticipation. I am armed not only with experience but prayer warriors, scripture and God-confidence.
  • graduating! Maybe after next month I’ll stop asking: am I a real missionary yet?
  • being motivated to focus on our home field, our pre-field ministries, as well as our schoolwork. I hope a fire is lighted under us!

Finally, we are so blessed to be able to join current missionaries at Messiah College for Missionary Enrichment (ME), a time for missionaries home on furlough to refresh, worship and fellowship together. I imagine we’ll be able to meet some anointed saints at that time.

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  • So excited for you! Glad you are sharing your journey with us. How long is your trip going to be?

    I will be praying for you guys and your marriage throughout this trip. Satan can kick rocks.