Through the Rain.

By Sunday, June 6, 2010 3 0

While the rest of the world begins to enjoy the warmth of summer, it’s still raining in Seattle. And I mean RAINING. Nearly everyone, except for the wet heads (I coined this term after my cat, who loves to stick his head close enough to the faucet to get it soaking wet) who wouldn’t have it any other way, is just aching for sun. It’s, like, all we talk about. In church, the fact that we’re in need of summer weather was actually the source for a number of prayer requests. Yesterday, the sun made a cameo, one-time appearance. It was glorious! It wasn’t particularly warm, in my book, but the sun was shining and the car heated up in between uses. That, my friends, is one of my favorite feelings. Even in the dead of summer, when it’s too hot to touch the steering wheel, I like the feeling of sitting in an oven while I wait for the AC to turn on.

Understand, dear readers, that I do not like to be cold. I like my showers so hot I’m sweating when I get out. Not kidding.

The thing about so much rain in June is that you start to feel like summer is almost over (it comes to a quick and mocking close in the middle of September, folks, when it starts getting dark sooner than you can say “let’s play frisbee in the park”), and it hasn’t even begun. The other thing is that it’s the time of year when we’re having trouble focusing. It’s almost summer, after all! Normally, we take little sun breaks so we can focus on school or work or whatever, for just a little while longer. Now, though, we take little breaks to wait for the sun. No, not just to wait. To heave deep, mournful sighs and scan the horizons hopefully, as though waiting for a long-lost lover.

One thing I am grateful for is that God doesn’t need a certain kind of weather to be productive. Not only can He work in any kind of weather, He controls the weather! I trust there’s something He is doing with all this rain. My mood correlates with the cloudy skies (the cloudier the weather, the cloudier my mood).

Sometimes I get so depressed in the winter I can’t see the Light through all the rain.

Come, summer, come.

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  • David Chapman

    Although I love the colder weather, just not the rain so much. I’m just normally so hot that when it gets into the 80’s I can be sitting still in the 80’s and I start sweating grossly. But I love your comments about the way we talk about the rain around here!

    • Lot’s of people hate it, but I don’t mind sweating. I hate shivering! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, Dave!

  • Yeah, come on already sunshine! We love you, stop being shy!

    It’s pretty now although earlier it was fugly out. I am hoping it sticks it out through this evening. Xander is so cranky when it’s rainy – he needs his walks!