Does This Make Me a Real Blogger?

By Sunday, April 18, 2010 2 0

Yesterday, in a rare moment of starstruck-ness, I willingly waited for four hours in a bookstore to meet my blogging hero, The Pioneer Woman.

This is me making a face that clearly shows how I felt watching my hero sign her amazing cookbook. Excited much?

Isn’t she lovely? This is who I aspire to be. Except for the ranch wife part.

Special thanks to my new friend Isabelle, for being friendly in line, having an adorable daughter, and not only taking these photos, but emailing them to me as well! Food blog loving friends, check out for photo recipes of everything from brioche (bread of Heaven, in case you didn’t know) to green curry.

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  • Well that’s awesome! I didn’t know you were going to go meet her!

    • I almost didn’t I felt so crappy on Saturday. But I started feeling better around when we needed to leave, so I took a chance and it was fine. 🙂