Please Allow a Moment to Reminisce

By Tuesday, March 23, 2010 4 0

Today I am remembering a special moment last summer when Chris and I realized we had planned for way too much time between checking out of our hotel in Granada and leaving by train to head back to Madrid.

We had to be out of our hotel by 11 am, but the train didn’t leave until 10 pm. By this time on our vacation, we were getting tired. We’d only brought one pair of shoes each for our little four-day jaunt to Sevilla and Granada, and we were beginning to feel it, with a whole day left. We felt like we were running out of money (a perpetual problem for us spendthrifts on vacations – even when we’re not, we feel like we’re spending all our money) and we didn’t want to wander the city (it’s very hilly) buying overpriced food (although delicious) and tickets to tiny cathedrals.

So, when we woke up on our first full day in Granada, we took a bus into town to try to replace our train tickets with earlier ones. Either by error or lack of confidence, we got off in the wrong place, and ended up walking all over Granada’s business district before reaching the train station. But, once we were there, I was able to successfully switch our tickets. Let me remind you they speak Spanish in Spain. Thanks.

On our much less hurried walk to the bus back to town, Chris and I reveled at how our life might look like this most days when we first arrive in Spain to live. It might be a series of adventures where we try to find something, or accomplish a goal.

We were pretty sure we could do it then, and we’re pretty sure we can do it now.

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  • unmowngrass

    What is Chris’s spanish like? I know you can speak it, and I notice you said “I switched our tickets” rather than “we switched our tickets” (meaning you did the actual switching) but I have never heard you say if Chris is any good at Spanish or not. Is he? If not, is he taking lessons?

    • Chris doesn’t speak a LICK of Spanish. Just a couple of words. When we are commissioned, we will probably spend our first year on the field in Costa Rica or somewhere Spanish-speaking but not Spain. We will get a year’s worth of immersion, and then go to the field in Spain and continue learning by conversation. Great Q! I definitely did the talking when we switched our tickets. 🙂

  • unmowngrass

    Right ok. Not to complicate things, but isn’t South American spanish different to Spanish spanish? (Because over time both languages will evolve in different ways?) Then again, the USA speaks American English rather than English English, and we seem to get on ok!

    • yeah, it’s quite different, but close enough to learn to communicate. Once we get to Spain, we’ll start to pick up the Castellano dialects.