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By Tuesday, February 16, 2010 1 0

Many of you have asked what our education requirements are for becoming missionaries. You must know that neither Chris nor I attended a Bible school. When we were choosing our education and career paths, mission work was not something we were considering! Some of the answer to that is still to be seen. Eventually, Chris will need to be ordained. After all, if we’re going to plant and lead a church, he needs his MBB credentials – marry, bury and baptize!

A moment to giggle at the thought of my husband marrying, burying, or baptizing, please.

God really has a divine sense of humor, doesn’t He?

In the meantime, we are required to complete four core classes before we go.

  • Methods of Bible Study
  • Old Testament Story
  • New Testament Story
  • Missions Theology

This week, our textbook and workbooks for Methods of Bible Study arrived, and soon we’ll be assigned a proctor who will advise and review our assignments. In spite of current 24/7 Olympic coverage, we can begin working on assignments now! (Nervous laughter).

I haven’t even opened the book and I’m nervous. Apparently, this book is “the best book available on the subject of Biblical exegesis” and hermaneutics. Why do we need to know so much about these diseases I’ve never heard of???

Oh. Those words aren’t diseases. They mean studying and interpreting the Word of God.

I think I can handle that.

Pray with us. Probably, this class will be an excellent way to prepare for our oral exam, which is still scheduled for April 13, 2010. Regardless, we need to buckle down and DO IT.

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  • I am now picturing Chris marrying people. *snicker*