We Need Some Accountability

By Thursday, January 21, 2010 1 0

So, the oral exam is scheduled. April 13 is the big day. Be praying not only for us, but also for two other couples and a single person in the area who will be taking their orals the same week at our church. I look forward to meeting them and being blessed to hear their own calling stories and the desires God has given them.

In the meantime, we need to finish our applications. This is embarrassing, but I admit that for me, that involves perusing a website and signing off that I’ve read everything at the website. I am nervous to “just do it” because I really do want to have “read and understood” everything in the website, and I don’t retain information particularly well, so I keep not signing off. For Chris, that involves the doctor process. I’ve got a couple more tests and I’ll be done with that.

Finally, we need to apply for our first class – Methods of Bible study.

I have no idea what we’re waiting for.

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